In Finland, a funeral in many cases still means a blessing ceremony according to the order of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church before the burial, i.e. before the deceased is placed in the grave in a coffin or cremated.

The music of the blessing ceremony is an option, not so much a mandatory part. The church handbook expresses the matter in such a way that there can be an overture or other suitable music before the first verse of the occasion. Appropriateness refers to the worship nature of the occasion and the cantor's role as the person responsible for the music of the blessing ceremony.

One common order nowadays for an event held in a chapel or church is: prelude, hymn, flowers, hymn or other music, blessing, hymn and closing music. The church handbook defines the matter as follows: "If the flowers left at the coffin in the church, it can be done before the first verse or after the blessing. If the flowers are laid at the beginning of the blessing, it can be preceded by a hymn or other music." In everything, the influence of local and family customs on the course of the occasion must be taken into account.

In the Finnish Orthodox Church, in addition to the liturgy, the funeral service may include worship songs performed by the choir or cantor.

At a civil funeral, the music can be, for example and depending on the place, classical organ pieces and various collective songs. There is no one specific way, but the music is determined by the deceased's outlook on life, the wishes of the relatives and the place where the funeral is held. It is not necessarily possible to perform all music in a church or chapel, which should be taken into account already when choosing a place for the funeral.