Reliable and professional service from the members of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services

Members of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services are funeral homes that are committed to both good business practices and the European ethical guidelines for funeral services. Member companies develope their professional skills through training and active collaboration.

Member companies of the Association are at your service for any funeral arrangements. Contact information for you nearest office can be found here.

We recommend that you contact a funeral home to make an appointment. This allows you to make funeral arrangements at a reserved time that suits you best and to avoid waiting. Appointments can also be made outside regular business hours; the phone and consultation services of most of our member companies are always at your service.

General information about funeral homes and funeral home services

A funeral home is commissioned by next of kin who have lost someone close to them. All services and products related to the funeral from can be ordered from a funeral office. Services produced by funeral homes typically include the coffin, the urn (if necessary) and transportation of the deceased. Through a funeral home, you also have access to the services of other service providers, such as

  • Parish services – burial place, chapel, priest
  • Florist services – coffin ornament, flowers from the family, condolence flowers
  • Catering service – catering for the memorial service
  • Newspaper – obituaries
  • Printing press – invitations, handbills
  • Musicians – music for the funeral and memorial services
  • Headstone suppliers – headstone, carvings
  • Solicitors – estate inventory

The funeral home may also produce some of the aforementioned services themselves. A company may include a florist or catering company in addition to a funeral office, or the office might be able to do estate inventories. Families may also order some of the services from the funeral home and handle the rest themselves.