Estate inventory

The estate inventory must be submitted after the death of every natural person who died in Finland. For the estate inventory, an estate inventory deed is drawn up, which lists the estate’s assets and liabilities, as well as a lot of other information, depending on the situation. The estate inventory deed is submitted to the tax administration and serves as the estate’s tax declaration for inheritance tax. The original must be submitted within three months of the death. You can apply for an extension from the tax administration. Negligence of the estate inventory can result in personal liability for the debts of the estate for the parties of the estate, if the estate is in debt. The obligation rests with the party of the estate who has the deceased’s remains in his/her care. If the estate is not in anyone’s possession, the obligation rest on the one who, depending on the circumstances, is most responsible for taking care of the property. It is good to use the help of an expert when submitting the estate inventory deed. Most of the members of the Finnish Association of Funeral homes offer estate inventories. More information about the estate inventory deed can be found, for example, on the website of the Finnis Tax Administration.